Lantmännen & Panelista

April 28, 2020
Written by
Anders Palm

Panelista helps us develop Lantmännen for our young ambassadors and the farmers of tomorrow.

We can show a new side of Lantmännen while learning more about the farmers' needs.


Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy, and food products. Lantmännen is owned by 20 000 Swedish farmers and operates the entire value chain from field to fork. With Panelista they created the panel Lantmännen’s Ambassadors to engage young farmers and understand their needs.

We at Panelista interviewed Jenny Andrén and Cathrine Hannell, Owner Relations at Lantmännen.

Why do you use Panelista?

Jenny: Lantmännen’s assignment is to contribute to the profitability of our owner’s farms and optimize the return on investment of their capital. We use Panelista to get input on how we should do things and how we can improve. The format makes it possible for more people to participate in a discussion at the same time, instead of us communicating with our ambassadors one by one.

Cathrine: We use Panelista for our Lantmännen’s Ambassadors panel to develop Lantmännen for our young ambassadors and the farmers of tomorrow. We act as the link between Lantmännen and our 20 000 members who are active Swedish farmers. Our young ambassadors are farmers, but often it is their parents who are our members rather than themselves. We want to learn how we can develop to meet their needs, but we also want them to learn more about Lantmännen and get engaged in the cooperative. Our hope is that these ambassadors will want to become elected representatives for the members in the future.

How is it going?

JennyThe video format feels really good, better than I expected. Panelista is easy to use, and even linking out to external content was easier than I thought it would be. Right now we are trying to increase the engagement from the panel even more, as we want to see an even higher number of answers.

Cathrine: The tool works very well and it also gives us a chance to show a new side of Lantmännen.

Do you work with customer insights in any other way?

Cathrine: We also use surveys and frequently meet up with our members. Surveys work well, but it is hard to get a clear and nice summary when we include open questions. And they are lacking the opportunity to communicate with a group in a way so that everyone can participate and discuss together.

What has been the most difficult?

Cathrine: We have an existing group of members that we have invited to a panel. We would like to see even more engagement from this group with more answers and discussions.

Jenny: To record the first video question! This is what happened, I got completely stuck on the idea to have a paper with what to say, but that is not a good idea. Skip the script, focus on the main question, and just talk about it as you would in person. I also wasn’t used to making videos. Now I do it in one take and send it out without any problem. I think it has made me stronger.

What has been the best thing so far?

Jenny: I would say the whole thing. The tool is very simple to use, the support, guidance, and ideas are great. Everything we needed.

Cathrine: Your support, both how you understand our business and how you help us word things in a good way.

What is it like working with Panelista and the Panelista team?

Jenny: It is fast, and it is easy. You get a great report from the tool which is easy to share. We share the reports with our team and get feedback about how nicely packaged they are.

Cathrine: We would like to thank you for the exceptional commitment while getting started, we received much more support than I would have expected!

Thank you, Jenny and Cathrine! Read more about Panelista here .